Cooking with a Big Seafood Steamer Stock Pot

Cooking with a big seafood steamer stock pot is needed if you want more room for large amounts of seafood. If you are steaming Alaskan snow crab legs, lobsters or a bunch of little neck clams you need a large seafood steamer stock pot.  The best stock pots are the large waterless cookware stock pots that come with steam control valves.  These special stock pots steam cook the seafood to perfection with all the natural flavors that are left in the food and not boiled away.

To steam, start with about an inch of water at the bottom, then add your lobster, snow crab legs, clams, fish fillets or shrimp. To season, we suggest Old Bay seafood seasoning, garlic, onions and parsley. You can add vegetables like corn, potatoes and rice to the steamer basket that comes with the large stock pot sets.
The waterless cookware lid will have a steam control valve at the top for steaming the seafood.  The special lid creates a vapor seal to hold in the steam.  The steam control valve in the waterless lid will whistle when it is time to turn off the heat.

Directions for Waterless Stock Pot Cooking:  Add only a little water at the bottom, then add your seafood and cover with the lid.  Make sure the steam control valve is open.  Start on medium heat, never high heat. When the whistle sounds,  close the valve and turn off the heat.  The seafood will finish cooking in the steam with the valve closed.

Seafood Steamer Stock Pots

steam control stock pot


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