Cooking with Cabbage, Potatoes and Shrimp

Cooking with Cabbage, Potatoes and Shrimp

Cooking with cabbage, potatoes and shrimp is a comforting seafood recipe. This Jumbo Shrimp recipe is great steamed cooked using the Seafood Steam Control 8qt Stock Pot Set that comes with steamer baskets. You need about 15 Jumbo shrimp peeled and deveined. Add a whole cabbage, 3 large potatoes, 2 onions to the steamer stock pot and cook for about 25 minutes.

You only need a little bit of water to steam these vegetables. Add Old Bay Seasoning, garlic, parsley and minced ginger to the steamer. Wait for the whistle to blow, then close the steam control valve on the lid and turn down the heat to simmer. The Jumbo Shrimp only take about 7 minutes to cook so want to add them at the end. Mix well and serve with garlic toast. If you want to make this shrimp dish spicy, add Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper flakes for an extra jump kick. Yum!

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