Decorate With Pineapple Kitchen Decor

Pineapple Paper Towel holder

Decorate with Pineapple kitchen decor using sweet decorative items for a pleasing appearance to your kitchen.  The matching pineapple kitchen sets are pretty with the novelty detail of the favorite fruit of pineapples. The lovely pineapple paper towel and napkin holder are made of sturdy wrought iron which is durable enough to hold the paper towels perfectly in place. Because of the firm wrought iron construction, the paper towel and napkin holder will sit strong on your kitchen counter top.
The pineapple key holder rack is perfect to place by the kitchen back door to hold car keys. The key rack adds a delightful addition to the overall matching kitchen design. Brighten up the kitchen with pretty novelty combo sets that match by adding charming pineapples for pleasing kitchen decor.