How to Cook with Waterless Skillets

waterless skillet

Cooking with waterless skillets is beneficial and healthy. I never fry food in oil anymore or saute with butter. You don’t need to with waterless cooking. You can steam cook vegetables, meats, fish without all the extra added oil and butter. For example, you can saute a steak, pork chops and chicken pieces with a very small amount of water. The meats will also cook in their own natural juices along with the water to create a fantastic meal. The special multi-ply bottom of the waterless skillet is built to evenly distribute the heat so there is no burning like there is with the cheaper made skillets. After placing the meat pieces in the waterless skillet, you add a little water, cover with the special lid. This creates a vapor seal so the steam is locked in. Start on medium heat, and when the whistle blows from the steam control valve, just close the valve and turn the heat off. The steam will continue to cook the meat. I like to leave the lid on for about 10 minutes longer after the heat is turned off. One of my favorite quick meals is chicken and broccoli. Place the chicken and vegetables in the waterless skillet together with lots of basil, garlic and everything is ready in about 15 minutes total. It is so good and I did not use any added oil or butter. I use to put butter on everything, but now I don’t have to using these skillets.

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