Premium Apple Corer Tool – Easy to Use and Clean – Sturdy Apple Core Remover with Sharp Serrature – Stainless Steel Corers for Apple and Pear – Core Fruits with Ease(Black)

✅ 【AMAZING APPLE CORER】- Still struggling to core apples? SCHVUBENR Black Apple Corer has a decent design which includes double sharp blades with serrature and one ergonomic grip. It helps you perfectly remove core of fruits and vegetables in one simple motion.
✅ 【EASY TO USE】- Prepare Apple and Corer Tool. Aim at the core, push down the corer to core through it, slightly twist, and get rid of the core. Then you get 1 whole perfect apple without core! The ergonomic non-slip grip will help you core with ease.
✅ 【EASY TO CLEAN】- This Apple Corer is made of sturdy commercial grade 430 stainless steel. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Or you can just wash it by hand, right up in a jiffy with a little soap and water. Durable, no rusty, super easy to clean and Dishwasher Safe!

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